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In order to make the purchasing process as simple and easy as possible for our customers, we are set up on several purchasing cooperatives, both regional and national in scope. By utilizing cooperative pricing, districts can be assured they are getting the most aggressive pricing within the marketplace from a trusted partner, frequently alleviating the need for or simplifying the bid and quote processes. Diverse Education Resources is currently an awarded vendor on the following purchasing cooperatives:

          Buyboard Cooperative Purchasing
          GoodBuy Purchasing Cooperative
          Southeast Texas Purchasing Cooperative
          EPIC6 Purchasing Cooperative
          Region 7 ESC Purchasing Cooperative
          Multi-Regional Purchasing Coop. (MRPC)
          Region 18 ESC Purchasing Cooperative
          Allied States Cooperative               
          And More!



Texas Association of School Boards

ESC Region 2

ESC Region 5

ESC Region 6

ESC Region 7

ESC Regions 9, 11, 14 & 15

ESC Region 18

ESC Region 19


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