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About Us

Diverse Education Resources focuses on helping school districts with the production and distribution of instructional materials, professional development materials, and testing materials. With the proliferation of open source and other electronically provided instructional materials, there is an increasing need for districts, schools, and teachers to spend an inordinate amount of time reproducing these materials for the teachers and students. We have developed a solution to produce and distribute these materials in an organized and cost-effective manner. The result is school districts save money, and more importantly, time. Our pricing structure lends itself to customized solutions for our clients of the varying nature of the different curricula and assessment programs that schools utilize.


Our program differs from traditional print vendors because all we do is K-12 applications. We understand the unique requirements of school districts. To that end, we have developed a solution that allows our customers to order and receive customized print in a manner that is very similar to traditional instructional material purchasing.

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